Bailout Morning Rescue Shot (Case of12)


Hangover Shot Product Description

Forget the hair-of-the-dog and half-pound burritos, our hangover shot is way more legit than some old wives tale. Every two-ounce bottle is packed with simple, clean, 100% organic ingredients that will put you back on the wagon. Expect refreshing mint, juicy pear, and ginger on your tastebuds, plus an expert blend of fruits, B vitamins, and herbs to help you feel hydrated, soothe a rowdy stomach, and shake off those shakes. You’ll be feeling like last night was a pretty good decision in no time.

Organic Ingredients

Mint Tea, Banana Juice, Prickly Pear Juice, Lime Juice, Green Apple Juice, Ginger, Vit. B3, Vit. B6


Drink while pre-gaming, between drinks or the morning after.


Farm-to-Label Juicery

From the fruit trees to the final product you hold in your hand, our product never leaves our sight. This allows us to keep our quality and sustainability standards at brag-worthy levels. Plus, we’re control freaks like that.


Flavor comes first, which is why we cold press our ingredients slowly to protect their most valuable assets—taste and nutrition. It’s what makes your experience as close to fresh-picked as possible.

Ingredients You Can See

We aren’t down with doing a ton of processing. We make sure the max amount of our perfectly ripe fruit makes it to your mouth by only removing the pulp, skin, and seeds.